Remote Viewing Experiment #1 is my copy of a military experiment to test and challenge psychic powers. We are given an object from a room and asked to visualise the room the object came from. After sending an open invite to friends and strangers, from 4 special ladies, I received 4 objects in the mail – a frog, a blue strawberry, a mini-carpet and a piece of pink holographic paper. I did my own readings and re-distributed the objects. The special ladies, Holly Flux (Australia), Sarah Harro (plus her friends Hanna Bergfors & Melody Panosian in Germany), Rin Healy (Japan) and Melanie Bonajo (The Netherlands) sent me their video readings. Remote Viewing Experiment #1 is a compilation of all these readings. Aesthetically it examines private spaces throughout the world and the objects we find within them. Metaphyscially, psychic ripples are felt in the cosmos during its conception, communication, materialisation and distribution. Psychic communication and love is building entropic power, it’s the way of the future.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWHpqIJb_ME

So far.. only the Extras are up by me, awaiting permission from the other ladies for their youtube posting.

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